14 December 2011

December 14, 2011

I forgot my wallet this morning. I realized half way to Starbucks. I worked on my speech. I’m so sorry, cup of coffee please, etc. The manager said, Well, put on an apron. And I smiled and laughed and tried to be charming as hell.

It was 70 degrees outside. Why was it 70 degrees? I had on my fingerless gloves, a long-sleeved thermal, a jacket. I checked the weather before I left and I still wore these things. Why? Maybe I couldn’t understand it being so warm when I’ve wanted so badly for it to be cold. I had thought winter was something we were owed, that weather was some sort of transaction.

I got an amazon gift card yesterday and spent it 10 minutes later. There’s always something else I’ve been meaning to buy. We were at Target and Janessa said she needed a black purse. I said, you always need something. She said, But sometimes I lie.

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