12 December 2011

December 12, 2011

Sometimes the universe points its giant finger in your face and says, “I haven’t forgotten about you.”

Negative attention is still attention.

Today, my email account got hacked. A few years ago, my messenger bag got stolen. I forgot to lock the car door; I forgot to change my email password. I felt violated, disoriented, angry — sure — but most of all, I felt special.

If imitation is a form of flattery, what is theft?


And every time I stop thinking about something in particular, I start thinking about Blue Valentine. I was listening to an interview with the director and he was saying how things don’t always happen for a reason, characters don’t always have motivations, people fall out of love and they don’t know why. It’s arrogant to think we understand why people do the things they do, he said.


The barista said I threw her off, not coming in this past week. She never knew when it was 8am. I said, I come here so much I should get paid, I’m practically a piece of furniture. How much does that chair make? I should make at least as much as that chair. She said, One day you’ll stop coming in, and I’ll have to buy a watch. I said, I guess that’s true.

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