5 December 2011

December 5, 2011

It was freezing today. I walked to La Paloma with my hands in my pockets and my shoulders up to my ears. La Palmoa makes the best damn tacos in the world. They’re a block away from my apartment so it’s faster to walk than to drive. Their tortillas taste like these tortillas I had in mexico one time. Something about the texture. I watched a mexican soap opera while I waited for my food. A little girl was putting make-up on a little boy and the little boy was crying but not doing anything to stop her. It looked like it was shot with a home video camera. People in the resteraunt were giggling, though, so I guess it was pretty funny.

I walked back to my apartment and thought about how I love where we live. I love being able to walk places, not having to drive if I don’t want to. I thought about how life was so hectic two months ago that I’d worried I might not make it, but now look at me: here I was: walking around: just fine. Janessa tells me I worry too much. I tell her her jacket is poofy.

I’ve spent the past two days reading. I’m on a binge. I make myself cups of apple cider and I sit on my couch with my feet on the arm rest. When I finish one book, I reach behind me for another. The thing about being a literature major is that you read a lot of things you don’t care about. Now that the semester is over, I’m making up for lost time.

I’m reading: Super Sad True Love Story, Samedi the Deafness, The ticking is the bomb, Insurrection, How (not) to speak of God, Fear and Trembling, The big short, Best American essays of 1988, and The meaning of Jesus. Not simulateously.

My free trial of spotify premium expired today. I’ve been listening to The Head and The Heart. Pitchfork gave it a 3.8. It must be miserable being a critic, putting numbers on things all the time, things you probably love. People don’t become music critics because they hate music.

We took down our fire alarms last night and turned on our heater. I put the alarms in the microwave and Janessa said we better be careful not to microwave them. I said good call. It was so cold in our apartment, Mozart crawled under the comforter and slept in a little ball all day. I wore gloves. It’s easy to be in love with the idea of winter and then it’s finally here.

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