1 December 2011

December 2, 2011

I’d like to document this December as if it were something fascinating.

Annie Dillard said there’s nothing noble about capturing the mundane. “See,” I would tell her, “That’s where you’re wrong.” Or maybe it’s just that I’m an expert in the mundane; I can see all the interesting nuances, the way the coffee grounds floated on my free Christmas blend sample this morning, etc. And I would remind her that Pilgrim at Tinker Creek was the most boring book I ever read.

Janessa and I put up our Christmas tree the other day, but before we put it up, we took it out of its box. It came in three pieces. We built it in our window so everyone would know we have a tree.

I bought an iPhone, but I don’t want to talk about it.

I was thinking about Maroon 5’s second album today, about how they waited years and years to put it out and then it wasn’t all that good. We’d all gotten our hopes up after so long. I heard it took JRR Tolkien 30 years to write Lord of the Rings and it took C.S. Lewis six months to write Narnia. Harper lee only wrote one novel. I guess what I’m saying is that if you’re brilliant, it’s okay to be choosy. But if not, it’s safer to be prolific.

I’ve been trying to make fewer decisions, just take in all this information, all these ideas, see what sticks. Maybe it’ll take years, or decades, who knows. And then you have these five year olds who are already sure of what they believe.

Okay, I’ll talk about my iPhone a little bit, but only to say there were people thirty years ago who thought computers and the internet were a fad.

Sorry about all this. Hopefully these will get better.

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