1 November 2011

November 1, 2011

Who can tell the difference between a good day and a bad day anymore? Sometimes they look exactly the same. Maybe they are exactly the same. We get all this raw information and at some point we interpret, Good, or we interpret, Bad.

I’ve been getting home and sitting on my couch and drinking a beer. Janessa says I’m an alcoholic. She gives me a hard time like that sometimes. I used to be scared to death of alcohol. I though it was bad news. Now I like beer the same way I like coffee: aesthetically.

It still makes me sad when people get drunk. I’m not sure why.

It’s November 1st, and Jay and I bought apple cider from Tom Thumb. Starbucks changed their cups. Pursuant put out left over halloween candy. I cleaned my desk. My desk got messy again. I used three styrofoam cups to drink three cups of water. I called my dad. I called my mom. I called my wife. I listened to “Cosmic Love” 17 times. I ate one taco salad. I got 45 emails. I drank two cups of apple cider. I sent 9 text messages. I received 12. I completed 4 tasks on my calendar. Attended 1 meeting. And spent a grand total of $12.47, all on food.

So, I dunno, today was a pretty good day.

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