30 September 2011

October 1, 2011

When I was 16, my friend told me that mustangs were lame. He knew more about cars than me so I trusted him about that sort of thing. But then his dad offered to buy him a mustang for his birthday and he changed his mind: Mustangs were now awesome. He ended up getting a firebird, though, and he told me he raced it behind the Movies 14.

I used to work at the burger place next to the Movies 14. My manager hated me. When I’d see his silver Sebring in the parking lot, my stomach would sink. I quit after 4 months. I told my manager I wanted to focus on basketball.

Last night, Janessa and I opened our blinds, turned off our lights, and watched the lighting through the big, nine-paned window in our living room. We sat on our couch and drank beer. One of the bolts hit a transformer and the whole sky turned green for 3 seconds. I’d never seen anything like it.

If there were a gesture that could sum up our generation, it would be a shrug.

And I guess I’m fine with that.

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