6 September 2011

September 6, 2011

I was sitting in a loft on monday morning and the light was all yellow and I was drinking coffee and some people were sleeping but some people weren’t. Molly was reading The Bell Jar and making faces like the book was talking to her. Greg was reading High Fidelity. They were both drinking coffee. They’re coffee drinkers. When we left the loft, I immediately missed it.

If I had a loft like that, I would never leave.

Some people say that if every day were Christmas that Christmas wouldn’t mean anything anymore, but those people don’t understand things like lofts and coffee and friends and books. They don’t understand anything.

Janessa and I were carrying our TV out to the trash last night. I’d planned on doing it myself but it was too heavy. We had to do it together. Janessa was walking backwards and we were laughing because the edges were cutting into our fingers, and she said, “I love this.”

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