15 August 2011

August 15, 2011

If you’re not careful, you can start to doubt that anything will ever happen. But here’s what’s weird: when it all happens at once.

I don’t like commenting on things themselves, but more the impressions that things make. The shape that’s left when you get out of bed. Your handprint but not your hand. Etc.

What if that was all I ever talked about, your handprint?

If I talk about the thing itself, then I risk sounding like an expert (which I’m not), or like I’m trying to convince you of something (which I can’t).

For a few days, I thought maybe my job was to tell you the truth. But now I think it’s to make you feel happy about who you are. Is that really so different? Does it make it less true that I learned it from Mad Men?

I’ve heard bad things about Vitamin C, that it doesn’t really do anything. What would we do if Vitamins were a sham? Would there be anything good left in the world?

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