11 July 2011

July 11, 2011

Janessa left for Padre sunday morning. She kissed me goodbye and it wasn’t even 5am, and what I tried to mumble to her was, “Love you” but who knows what actually happened, if I even said anything at all. I always try to make those last moments really perfect, but, you know, they hardly ever are.

I was wondering how our apartment felt so different with her gone, even with the lights off, even with my eyes closed. I’ve heard somewhere that we all have our own gravity, it’s just so slight we can hardly feel it.

To explain gravity, I’ve seen a scientist set a bowling ball in the middle of a mattress and a golfball at the corner.

To explain gravity, I’ve seen a scientist shrug his shoulders and say that, really, nobody knows.

Justin was trying to explain something about liquid nitrogen to me the other day, and I just nodded like I understood because I didn’t want to admit that liquid nitrogren was just one more thing in the universe that I didn’t understand.

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