5 July 2011

July 5, 2011

I spend a few minutes each week thinking about my ideal life, what it would be for me and Janessa — the details, the patterns on our furniture, the peeling white window sills. If you don’t think about the details it doesn’t count. I usually think about it on thursdays but I was thinking about it this weekend because we both took a few days off, Janessa and I, and for a minute there it felt like we’d never go back.

I met a guy who works 20 hours each week on an organic farm in Oregon. He wants to be a writer. I told him his life seemed pretty ideal. He agreed.

I keep thinking about something I said a few weeks ago, about how there aren’t that many stories to tell. Like three maybe. And what I’ve realized is that story is all about the details, that’s what makes the thing come to life. So I guess what I’m saying is that life in the details — the patterns on our furniture, the peeling white window sills.

In my ideal life, I make money doing something entirely separate from what gives me value. That sounds pretty relaxing, I think.

My sister got married this weekend. It was after the sun had gone down but before the sky had gone dark so everything was glowing and the bugs in the trees were so loud you could hardly hear the vows. There was something serene about it though, nature swallowing ceremony. A dragon fly flew right by my sister, and I had to keep remind myself, “this is all really happening right now.”

The champaign glasses were plastic so they didn’t clink, but the champaign was real and I thought it was fake so I winced after the first toast.

In this photograph, you’ll see me and my entire family acting like fools in front of the photobooth camera. I’m holding an inflatable saxophone. Janessa is covered in a boa. Greg is screaming for his life.

We all had a nice time and nothing was sad.

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