13 June 2011

June 13, 2011

I think the biggest obstacle to following Jesus is getting lost in our own ideas. Worshiping them, I mean. Thinking they are more than what they are. But then, what’s more than our ideas? What do we have other than our experiences, our thoughts, our memories?

That’s the solipsist in me coming out.

I’m more interested in the experience of the thing than the thing itself. I don’t want to know about the world’s largest ball of yarn, I want to know what someone thinks about when they look at it.

Sometimes someone will ask me what marriage is like, and I’ll say I have no idea what marriage is like, only what Janessa is like.

I think journals are just as valid a form of literature as novels. They’re truer, more insightful, less full of themselves. The problem with anything is that people try to sound more impressive than they actually are, try to act like they actually know things.

I love Allen Ginsberg’s journals, except that during the snow storm my cat ate a big chunk out the cover, so now I love it a little less: the book and the cat.

I had no idea Ginsberg was so incredibly gay.

I mean, I knew he was gay, just not so gay.

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