24 May 2011

May 24, 2011

My brother-in-law came over last night and we watched Star Trek and ate pizza and he brought over some pepsi throwback and we drank that too. I thought about how nice it is, sometimes, to not talk, to just sit there and experience something together.

The other day, a friend of mine said that when she drinks her conversations get deeper, more philosophical. I said that didn’t sound like any fun at all.

And anyways, I’m not really sure what deep is anymore. I’m not sure why death is deeper than food, literature deeper than television, religion deeper than ultimate frisbee. When we’re talking about being “deep”, what we’re really talking about are the things we can’t understand, the things we can’t grab onto. We’re talking about ether and quicksilver and vikings. It all gets pretty boring after awhile.

I guess vikings didn’t really fit. Scratch vikings.

I’m reading The White Album by Joan Didion, and the best thing about this book is Joan Didion’s ability to capture a place, a time. You read her books and it’s like you’ve lived through the 60s. She’s never boring. I’ve read her books before.

I think the great battle of our generation is the fight against becoming boring, boring, hallow, lazy, rich, boring, boring, people. It’s a fight to the death, really.

Sometimes people say they are creative, but then they say something like: “I’m just not good at following through.”

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