11 May 2011

May 11, 2011

We saw a building get hit by lighting today. A building right next to ours. I say we, but really it was just Jay, and he said that smoke came off the rooftop.

I was listening to a commencement speech by David Foster Wallace today and what he said was that true education has almost nothing to do with knowledge and almost everything to do with awareness. He said that true freedom is being able to sacrifice for people over and over in myriad, petty, unsexy ways. I liked that he said that. I liked that he used the word “unsexy.”

Anyways. I got lunch today with some friends. We bought probably three times as much food as we actually needed so we ended up throwing a bunch away. It was so heavy outside I was sure it was going to pour any minute.

I’ve been listening to this guy, David Bazan. He writes songs about how he doesn’t believe in God anymore. He writes lines like: “Do you really expect me to believe that all this misbehaving comes from one enchanted tree?” or something like that. The thing is, though, I think his songs are pretty childish. To me it doesn’t sound like someone who’s actually lost their faith; it sounds like someone with a strong sense of entitlement. If he’d really lost his faith, he wouldn’t be nearly so upset. You don’t whine to someone you don’t believe in.

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