25 April 2011

April 25, 2011

These are the months in Texas when it rains and rains and you listen to it against your windows. These are the months when I sleep straight through the night. We went to lunch yesterday and a tree was blown over.

I put my iTunes on shuffle today and let the universe decide what I should listen to. The trick was I couldn’t skip a single song. That would defeat the whole purpose.

There is this part in Infinite Jest when a player at Enfield Tennis Academy is talking about what people do when they reach that plateaux, when they stop getting better. He said some people just accept that that’s how good they’re going to get and stop trying. Some people panic and work so hard they hurt themselves. And some people just keep at it like usual. Those are the guys that make it, he says, those guys who aren’t in such a hurry.

Apparently Greg Mortenson, the guy who wrote Three Cups of Tea, made some of it up, officially making his memoir exactly the same as every other memoir ever written.

I started making collages of my days. Bits of conversations, quotes from articles, that sort of thing. I’m obsessed with the things I do all day long.

“For bill,

who also unremittingly

seeks the light.”

I think sometimes we act like different people so we can look back on dark times and hardly recognize ourselves.

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