18 April 2011

April 18, 2011

The way that people can say, “Yes, please,” and it’s somehow rude.

The way that terrible news can sometimes be a relief.

The way that you would never tell anyone about the bad news being a relief because it’s not something you should say or maybe something you even understand.

The way you learn to waste time.

The way that selling out can be the most loving thing you do.

The way that pets who are not the easiest to love become the most lovable.

The way that popcorn kernels keep popping after you take them out of the microwave.

The way that one day something slides off your mantel as if it had been slowly sliding for years.

The way that stop lights are actually clusters of smaller lights, like honeycomb or something.

The way that flames consume a building, slurping the sky like a forked tongue.

The way that smoke looks in your rearview mirror, black black black.

The way that people lean our their car windows, elbows halfway down their drive-side doors.

The way that Macdonalds tastes different at home than in the restaurant, starchier somehow.

The way that starchier doesn’t actually mean anything.

The way that you write in second person when everything you ever say is actually about yourself.

The way that all art is, more or less, autobiographical.

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