11 April 2011

April 11, 2011

I’ve been thinking about the simple cause and effect of things. You drop a rock off a parking garage and the sound echoes down the alley, back and forth between the buildings. You play ultimate frisbee and the next day you can’t move your legs. I like when things make sense like that. Some things are so far removed you could never tie them back together.

It’s so hard to change who you are. You try and for like 6 months you think you’re becoming somebody different, but you probably aren’t. When you get tired, when you get bored, you’ll probably go right back to what you were before. Maybe you’ll be a little bit different, just for having tried, but not different in the way you thought you’d be.

Mostly, I try for things just so I won’t regret not trying. I want to get to the end and wish I’d spent more time with my family. I want to have lost interest in achieving things by then. I want to have realized it was worthless.

The danger of talking about projects is that you’ll feel like you’ve done them already, and then what’s the point?

Ideas aren’t hard. Making stuff is hard.

Someone I was talking to said, “No one ever moves to Texas just because they want to live in Texas.” She was from Seattle. I’m from long beach. My wife’s from Ontario. And so on.

I walked to the park yesterday and finished a book. It was one of those perfect walk-to-the-park-and-finish-a-book type days. I thought to myself: I can’t imagine being any happier.


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