4 April 2011

April 4, 2011

My dad and I were talking about the Discovery Channel awhile ago, saying how much it bothered us to watch these helpless antelope get eaten by the lions or the tigers or whatever. How some things in nature felt murderous, wrong. But it’s nature, we said, so it’s alright.

And yet…

when people are their most violent, their most unreasonable, we call them animals.

when men are their most aggressive, their most sexual, we call them dogs.

We know there is nothing innocent about nature. We’re just not sure who to blame for it.

And I guess what I’m actually talking about right now is business. I’m talking about the things that make companies companies being at odds with the things that make humans humans.

I watched part of the Woodstock documentary yesterday. It cost 2 million dollars to put on that show, which was a lot for 1969. And then, halfway through the 3 day concert, they decided to make it free, take down the chain link fences, let everyone in. A man came on the loud speakers and said, “Woodstock is now a free concert. Our investors are going to lose a ton of money, but they’ve all decided they care more about your safety and about the music than about dollars.”

He also said, “if you’re going to experiment with acid, start with half a tab.”

I just couldn’t imagine investors having anything on their minds other than money. I couldn’t imagine them actually caring about the music, the art, the thing itself. It was like that guy on the loud speaker was talking to me, four decades later. He was saying, “Look, it’s not all terrible.”

But none of this really has anything to do with what happened today, which is sort of getting away from the point all together.

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