1 April 2011

April 1, 2011

Janessa and I were talking about the difference between things that are passively bad and actively bad. The difference between things that wear on your soul and things that attack your soul. It’s always a question of how long you can stand it. I guess some people’s answer is Forever. Or maybe they don’t think their answer is Forever, but then they look back and realize it was.

I was writing a list on a paper towel. I was thinking about how sometimes we use profanity because it helps us believe ourselves.

I cleaned my desk the other day. I thought it would be more difficult than it was. It took 5 minutes. All those stacks of papers, projects and projects, basically nothing at all.

I guess we’re only ever re-arranging. Putting ink down on paper. Putting letters in a certain order. Life doesn’t bring meaning to us, we bring meaning to life. We’re just interpreting.

My friend said, “At least it would be better than waiting tables.” And I said, “But would it really?”

There is a separation. We get this idea that we need to make money doing the thing we love, but the danger is that by requiring what we love to be profitable, we risk losing everything lovable about it. You have to be very lucky to love something that happens to make money. There are a lot of arbitrary factors, and You’ll probably have to sell out to keep it going.

The real danger is doing something that’s almost exactly what you want to do.

I don’t think publishing is dead, I think it’s just decentralized. I don’t think readership is dead, I think it’s just redefining itself. I think people pretty much want what they’ve always wanted: shit that’s worth their time.

Everything else is artifice.

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