9 March 2011

March 9, 2011

Sometimes I feel myself becoming a machine, more and more mechanical, robotic, digital, nebulous, artificial, binary. I stop and remind myself that I am, yes, a human.

It is a great temptation, to believe.

Imagination is the first thing to go when things become dire. Your focus becomes microscopic, granular. You stare at your shoes.

I think there is something philosophic about not titling these blog posts. Calling them only by their date, nothing more, as if every day were equal. The best and worst, indistinguishable. And really, our days are all we have. Quotidian. To name a day is to name our lives.

You have to take these things in stride. Put them in perspective. Draw an X through the boxes.

None of this is probably making any sense.

I guess you have to decide why you do things. Your ethics. Why do you create? Why do you go to work? Why do you live in an apartment? You can’t just say you do things because. At some point you have to decide why.

I heard a quote one time: “Don’t mistake activity for achievement”. It scared the hell outta me.

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