17 Feb 2011

February 18, 2011

This guy at Starbucks couldn’t sit still. He was staring at a sketch book, head in his hands, groaning. He’d draw a line, shake his head, pace the store. He was very upset about this thing he was working on. I thought, That guy looks like a suffering artist. It went on a for an hour, and when he walked outside to smoke I caught a glance of the drawing. It was pretty terrible. He was still there when I left an hour later.

It bothers me that the people with money get to control the people with talent.

I think everyone wants to be edgy and different but no one wants to actually be edgy and different. They want to have asked for something new but still been given something old.

You fall in love with something that wasn’t yours to begin with.

I’m not exhausted yet, though. Actually I sort of love it. You learn to know what’s good, to not care about the 50 people deconstructing it.

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