Feb 3 2011

February 3, 2011

It’s freezing. The type of cold that settles in, burrows deep, like a smell you can’t get rid of. You don’t know where it’s hiding.

I listened to a lot of Nick Drake today. I tried Phoenix for a while, but it wasn’t quite right. Every once in a while a fire truck would drive by and I remember why I wasn’t on the roads.

I got a message that UTD is closed again tomorrow. I can’t ever remember a time when we got 4 days off school.

They’re doing construction in the courtyard next door. I watched them tossing wood down from the rooftop, starting up loud machines, yelling at each other while I sat inside sipping tea and typing into my laptop. I thought, this is our work.

I started something today. A project, a longer-formed project. I don’t really want to talk about it though. If you talk about something too much you sort of let the air out it.

Oh, and we almost didn’t pay rent. I forgot that these are real days passing by.

We ordered a pizza last night because we were too scared to go get one. The guy brought it right to our door, which was strange because you need a little electronic key to get inside. I said to the guy, “whoa, you’re awesome.” And he said, “Yes I am.” And then I tipped him $5 because he risked his life to bring me a pizza. Before he left he asked me how much my apartment cost a month, and I told him. You can ask people how much their apartments costs because there’s always the possibility that you’re looking to move. You ask it like this: “Do you mind if I ask you how much an apartment like this costs?” And then it’s fine, because you first made sure the person didn’t mind, and then you asked how much an apartment LIKE their’s costs.

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