2 Feb 2011

February 3, 2011

I didn’t write one of these yesterday. My schedule is all thrown off. I’ve been home for two days straight due to ice, and tomorrow isn’t looking promising. It was fun the first day, but it’s old already. 700 square feet gets real small over the course of a day. We walked a couple blocks to Barns and Noble and I thought I might die. When we went in the store my glasses fogged. On the way back we stopped for french fries but I slipped in the parking lot and spilled them everywhere. Janessa said they were fine, but I wasn’t so sure.

I bought a newspaper at Starbucks but haven’t read it yet. I bought a book called “No one belongs here more than you”. Short stories. I read one and it was excellent, very complex and layered, you get to the end and it all makes sense. I read all of A Moveable Feast yesterday. I was transfixed.

I’ve been trying to do work but it’s hard to get in the mindset. Email copy feels even less compelling when I write it from my couch.

A guy got stuck on the street outside my window. His wheels spun and smoked. He got out and checked something. Got back in and spun his wheels. Got out. Got in. Took him ten minutes to go a few yards, tires spinning at 60 miles per hour.

It makes me think about unemployment. I can already feel myself going sloshy, the days running together, the motivation draining out of me. And it’s been what, two days? We watched a documentary about a parking lot last night, and it made being a parking lot attendant look pretty great, but I think that was the point. I think it knew exactly what it was doing. Everybody wants to be Will Hunting. These guys had their masters.

Janessa tried to go to work this morning. She brought these little pocket warmers with her, tea bag looking things that get hot when you shake them, and she waited at the train station. The trains were delayed, maybe not running at all. A woman was waiting with her and when Janessa gave up, she gave the woman her pocket tea bags. The woman said, “This is fucking ridiculous.”


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