14 Jan 2011

January 14, 2011

Remember when Bruce Wayne and Katie Holmes are outside that restaurant and Bruce says -This isn’t who I am, Rachel. And she says -Bruce, it’s not who we are on the inside, it’s what we do that defines us. I think about that line sometimes.

This girl at Starbucks told me it was national blueberry muffin day today. I think she was just trying to sell me a muffin.

I’ve been writing about being an introvert. I have a lot to say about it. I think I could write 200,000 words and still not have said nearly everything. There is an irony to having so much to say about being shy. Pages and pages and I’ll probably never do anything with them. That’s how it goes.

I’m reading through all my work from december and it’s all terrible. That’s how it goes.

Going to college is a sort of risk, you know? You’re risking all this money, all this time, all this effort, and in the end you could end up worse off — less creative, less original. Paul McCartney didn’t know how to read music. That sort of thing. If someone truly believed in themselves, truly believed in what they were capable of, I don’t see why they would go to college.

“You could get the same education for $1.25 in late fees at the local library”

I was thinking last night about how everything gets worse if you over think it. You have to try hard but not too hard. If you try too hard you could smother the thing.

And I think the people who get smarter by going to college would get smarter anyways. They’re just that type of people.



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