Jan 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

It’s been cold lately, which isn’t exactly news but is worth saying. I was walking across campus yesterday, walking back to my car, and it was late and freezing and the snow was thin on the grass, and I thought about how it looked like the icing on an oatmeal cookie. I walked with my scarf over my mouth so that my glasses fogged every time I exhaled. I was pretty happy last night.

I’m not going to edit this at all. I’m not sure text edit has spell check.

Allen Ginsberg said this thing about writing being about capturing who you are — your faggishness, your campiness, your masculinity. He said writing isn’t supposed to be any different than our quotidian lives.

I didn’t know what quotidian meant.

I’ve been listening to the National almost non-stop. Mostly the last two songs on “High Violet”. Just over and over again ad nauseam. They are beautiful songs and now they remind me of winter and school and this weird inbetween I’ve found myself in lately.

I was reading about Christian Humanism this morning when matt looked over at my screen and said, “What kind of crap are you reading?” So we ended up having this long conversation about Christianity. Which isn’t rare or anything, but was nice. It’s nice to talk about things you believe in. Important even.

I’m 3/4 of the way through the book “The Brief Wonderous life of Oscar Wao” but I’m going to have to put it down and read Jane Austen for this literature class I’m in. I’m not upset about the switch. Oscar Wao has been a little boring.

This all feels a little uneven. A little. Disjointed. But I generally like things that are disjointed, that aren’t smoothed over too much, that still have their personality. I think life is basically made up of two activities: those that give us energy, and those that take it away. I think the trick is to structure your life so that you gain just a little more energy than you expend. Or at least break even.

Vim: Energy, enthusiasm.

I’m not sure anyone can really do anything great without vim. It’s a numbers game.

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