Adventures in the Prolific

February 21, 2010

When I think of prolific people I think of Sufjan Stevens, Dave Eggers, Sam Beam. I think of people who somehow keep creating and keep creating and keep creating until their itunes playlists are pages long and their books take up shelves. It’s like they can’t stop.  If someone took away their notebooks they’d scratch stories into the table.

I like them.  I want to be one of them.

We probably all have the potential to be prolific: People whose creativity is plentiful. I don’t think being prolific is a gift —I think it’s a choice. We decide to give something life: a song, a story, a photograph, a dance, a movie, because for some reason we want to. Or maybe —a more beautiful perspective— the thing begs to be born.

Either way, the potential is there.

Here’s what all this means for me:

The One Song/week Commitment:

I’ll be posting a new song on my blog every Monday morning. These will be songs that I have written and recorded during the previous week. They will not be good. They will not be long. But they will be here, every Monday morning. Count on it.

The Poem/Day Commitment:

The song idea was mine, this poem idea belongs to Billy Collins1. Basically the idea is as simple as it sounds: write one poem a day, post it here.

In truth, I have already been doing this minus the posting part.


The point with all of this is that creating, for the sake of creating, is a blast. There are very few things I have created, written, recorded, that I think are very good. It doesn’t matter. Creating makes me feel good, so I keep doing it. But creating and not sharing can be selfish (we’re all dying to find out what’s in J.D Sallinger’s safe), and unhealthy. So here’s my step towards creative health.



1previous poet laureate of the united states and founder of the “Poetry 180” movement. Check out his book “Sailing Alone Around the Room”—it’s excellent.


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