Super Powers

September 2, 2009

Today, in a compulsive thirst for adventure, I journeyed across the hall to women of faith.  I can see into their windows when I walk by, I know about the leather sofas and the fancy coffee makers, but I’ve never had a reason to go in there.  Today I realized I don’t need a reason to do anything, so I psyched myself up, grabbed a cup of coffee to look more professional, and ventured across the hall.

I was hoping for a warm women-of-faith-style greeting.  A “Hello, we’ve been wondering when you’d stop by.  I see your drinking coffee, how professional of you.  Lovely day for coffee isn’t it?”  I would have even taken a “How may I help you?”, or if they were short on time a, “yes?”  But I didn’t get any greeting at all, and it turns out it’s a pretty good idea to have a reason for going into a strange office -without one you look pretty damn silly.  My hand was still on the door, I was mostly in the office, and I had no backup plan.  I panicked.  I started smiling like something was funny, or like I had accidentally went into the wrong office, somehow overlooking the large “WOMEN OF FAITH” letters on the door – silly me!

If I could have one super power I’d choose flight.  But if I could have two, and I had to choose my second at that moment, I would definitely choose invisibility.  I’d regret it later when I realized I was stuck with a totally lame super power, but it would have been really great right then.


One Response to “Super Powers”

  1. Claire Says:

    You know that episode of The Office where Michael takes the ladies out on a special outing and the rest of the guys lounge in the women’s bathroom because the furniture is better?… Yeah, that’s what your post reminded me of.

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