June 4, 2009




My dear Friend and Confidant Mansferd:

            I was so pleased to receive your letter!  I had worried that you had forgotten me.  I do suppose your international affairs keep you quite busy.  Not to mention your domestic and extra-marital affairs.

            I am quite busy my self; what, with my garden to tend and my daily walk into town.  I do fear that my relationship with Kate has suffered for my business.  Perhaps I will stay home with her today to make amends.

            Also, I must apologize once more for the chocolate stains.  I promise this will be the last time.





P.s. I’ve enclosed Radishes          


One Response to “”

  1. frazyah Says:

    the first time i read this, i missed the p.s. hilarious. prey tell, by whom was this inspired?

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