Ugly Tree

May 24, 2009

Wow.  I didn’t realize I had taken such a long break from the blog-o-sphere.  Life is good, i’m a little less angy than I was when I wrote that post back in Feburary; although still restless.  I’m trying to learn to be restless and passionate in a St. Francis of Assisi kind of way and less in a Rambo kind of way.

               Anyways, I wrote a bunch of songs while restling though some difficult ideas about the kingdom of God and compiled them into something of a short little album called “Ugly Tree”.  You can listen and download it from my music website:  You can download if for free if you just put zero in the purchase amount, radiohead style.

               Hope everyone is well, lets be optimistic and assume this blog will become more active now.  Viva la Revolucion!




2 Responses to “Ugly Tree”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Mike! I love you…. and your music 🙂 Miss you so much….we haven’t talked in forever! Let’s get coffee this week or next….


  2. Ryan Says:

    Love the tunes. Keep them coming.

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