Oh, Dixie

January 15, 2009

I don’t know who designed this plastic spoon that I’m using right now, but whoever did clearly did not understand the fundamentals of spoon craftsmanship.  It looks like a good spoon, heck it even feels like a good spoon, but it’s ever so slightly too deep; leaving a chronic layer of yogurt that is absolutely impossible to get.  It’s unbelievably frustrating I tell you, and what was suppose to be an entirely enjoyable strawberry/kiwi experience has been dashed by a millimeter of neglect in this disposable spoon’s design.

            In fact, I am so grieved (read also: bored) by this spoon that I have just gone to our break room to locate the box where I found this misshapen utensil.  Dixie makes this spoon, this black medium/heavy teaspoon product code: TM517. Dixie.  A reputable company we all thought, but we were wrong…oh so wrong.  Perhaps they were tested by someone with abnormally flexible lips, or perhaps….they weren’t tested at all.  Would it be going to far to let this company know my frustration with their TM517’s?  No.  I have to let them know, in good conscious I cannot let these spoons continue.


Updates to follow.


4 Responses to “Oh, Dixie”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    1. What’s wrong with your tongue?
    2. If you google “dixie tm517”, you are now the 2nd hit.
    3. The problem is your purchasing guy. Use the right tool for the right job! I doubt *he* even tested them before buying thousands upon thousands of them.

  2. mnagel Says:

    Gabe, using my tongue would look silly.

    And luckily it looks like we only have one box of these left, I’ll have to get the word to our purchasing person quick.

  3. juliadhull Says:

    Actually I think for the particular model spoon, the directions on the box instruct you to turn the spoon upside down, insert in mouth and use tongue to retrieve the deep portions…..

    Seriously, this was some funny material, thanks for the laugh!

  4. janessica Says:

    abnormally flexible lips….priceless

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