The earth is not a cold dead place

December 16, 2008

What does God see when he looks at the world?


This world of suicide bombers and (compulsive) over eaters.


This world of Failures and Tyrants


Sometimes I wonder that about myself, I wonder what God thinks when he looks at me.  I’ll admit, sometimes I’m pretty hard on myself and I assume that God probably despises me.  But in my clearer moments, I allow God to have tremendous grace for me; or rather I allow myself to see things that way.  And when I start seeing things that way, I get the feeling that that’s the way things really are.  Sometimes I wonder if God is as worried about perfecting me as I am.

            So what does he see when he looks down at the world, smoldering in the aftermath?  Sometimes I get this image of him shaking his head in disgust at what we’ve done and do to each other (When both armies whisper prayer under their breath the line between right and wrong blurs a bit).  Sometimes I think of that scene from the passion where the tear forms over the lens of the camera and God cries a little bit, sometimes I think he’s crying all the time.  But in my clearer moments I wonder if maybe God hasn’t given up on the world as much as we have.  I wonder if God looks down at our failures and sees moments of greatness, I wonder if those moments are not tainted by their context.  I wonder if God looks down at prostitutes and sees beautiful women, not the beautiful women they could be, but the beautiful women they are.

            I wonder if beauty exists out of context.  Because I’d like to see the world like that, I’d like for beauty to be inherently beautiful; And, if that were true, I’d want to capture it in words, paints, songs, and photographs.


5 Responses to “The earth is not a cold dead place”

  1. Josh Says:

    this is my friend is a great post… I have really struggled at times with God’s perspective of us… the whole why do bad things happen predicament always creeps into my life… but the thought that he is watching, and moving among us, not because He is required but b/c He is proud of us and sees our beauty is encouraging

  2. janessica Says:

    Do it.

  3. Courtney Says:

    I love this post. It made me feel something good. It really did: I need to read something refreshing to get out of my own head, which as of late, has been overly pensive I think 🙂

    Thank you.

  4. janessica Says:

    It’s better with the music, but your post made me think of this song:

    Look at the world
    Everything all around us
    Look at the world
    And marvel every day
    Look at the world
    So many joys and wonders
    So many miracles along our way

    Praise to thee oh Lord for all creation
    Give us thankful hearts that we may see
    All the gifts we share and every blessing
    All things come of thee.

  5. moosetraks Says:

    I really didnt understand this post to the extent where I could comment on it, but now I do. the above mentioned song, Look at the World, is such a great song and it was this morning while we were singing it in choir that I finally understood. The song tells us to look at the beauty of the world, but for us that means choosing to see the beauty and not the destruction we bring about. I think that is how God is, or at least this is what I like to believe. That God chooses to see the good, and that he turns his back on the bad. And a God that works like that is definitely worthy of all our praise!

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