Regret, Unforseen

December 11, 2008

I made a decision years ago, a seemingly small and insignificant decision, that has now come back to haunt me in ways I could not foresee.  Harley Davidson Checks.  Stupid Harley Davidson Checks. I’ve maybe written 3 checks ever, so the checks I picked out when I was 16 are still the ones I use.  Now, for some reason, I’m having more and more need to write checks and I’m stuck handing people checks with superimposed Hogs on them.  It’s really quite embarrassing, to tell you the truth, and I can’t help but let people know I picked these checks out before I realized I would become more of a Honda man than a Harley man.


7 Responses to “Regret, Unforseen”

  1. Joel Says:

    I don’t know if you meant it this way (or if it’s just the inadvertent outflow of your creative soul), but this is a beautiful metaphor for many of the hasty choices of our exuberant youth. And, too, for the potential nostalgia and other meaning they might still positively evoke.

    I think I may adopt it as a kind of shorthand for those choices, and the ambivalence of emotions that come in their longafter wake.

    “Dude, what’s with the goofy new age unicorn bookplate on your Erdman’s Edition of Blake.”

    “Just a Harley Davidson check, bro. I’m still writing those Harley Davidson checks.”

    Maybe I’ve been spending too much time in the Urban Dictionary. Um, and maybe none of this makes any sense to anyone outside the twisted, narrow confines of my own consciousness.

    Oh, yeah, and checks are pretty cheap, man. If they’re that bad, you can always replace them. Just make sure and shred the old ones. But, hey, maybe you need to keep ’em; sometimes wearing the albatross is exactly what we need to keep us grounded or centered or whatever it is we’re supposed to be.

  2. bretttilford Says:

    So awesome! I won’t make fun of you if you write me a check.

  3. Court Says:

    …I actually probably would make fun of you. But, honestly, when have you ever written me a check? 🙂

    Also, I would just like to point out that Joel used both “dude” and “bro” in his comment. Oh the words that guys use…

  4. Joel Says:

    And I would like to point out that my use of “dude” and “bro” was both quoted and conspicuously multi-referential. That is, I was referring to an imagined conversation as a way of illustrating the proper usage of the the new expression that Mike inspired AND I was half-mockingly referring to the Urban dictionary. ;-P

    Never mind that I way over use both terms in real life but even moreso in fake, electronic life. I have a defense. It includes the fact that they are terms that affirm our man-ness. That I use them when addressing women (“dude,” not “bro”) is an affirmation of our shared humanity. And there’s something slacker about them with which I identify. Plus, they are so filial and familial. Hey, I’m in favor of the brotherhood of man, Beethoven’s Ninth and “we’re all God’s children” (like Paul said on Mars Hill) and all that. What sinister agenda are *you* advocating, Miss Ramsey? ;-D

  5. Julia Says:

    Funny material, got a good laugh out of that!!

  6. janessica Says:

    Makes me think of the Mouse and the Motorcycle. And there is nothing wrong with that. But then again, I have Pooh Bear checks, so what do I know?

  7. Josh Says:

    I feel like my wife keeps the check book…. and the checks i picked out in high school were so boring that i have no idea where they are….

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