November 20, 2008

It’s finally cold, and I can do what I do best: Layer.  I feel more important in layers, I don’t know why.  Also, as I predicted, I feel happier now that it’s cold.  Not that I’m miserable the rest of the time or anything.  I’ve also been writing more music lately, except it’s all scattered with verses and choruses of various songs ripped and folded in my notebook and nothing actually finished.  I should probably finish those.

            I’m getting married on the 6th of 3 next year.  Ecstatic is the word that comes to mind.

            I’m feeling rather introspective this evening if you can’t tell, and honestly I just want something other than Obama to be on my front page.  Not that I have anything against Obama, I voted for him after all, but you gotta admit his picture is kind of annoying after awhile.

            I’m going through the phase where all I want to listen to is spoon.  Spoon is a 4-piece rock/experimental band from Austin.  They’ve been around for about a decade but I just discovered their music last year and still can’t get enough.

            I will admit I’m in a bit of musical listening rut.  Last year I made a point of buying a new album every time I got paid, which worked out to about 2 new albums a month.  And I got acquainted with some rather fantastic music this way: Iron & Wine, Sondre Lerche, Andrew Bird, Spoon, Rogue Wave.  But times are tight and I’ve discontinued my musical exploration.  So Please, if you have any suggestions for amazing music I’m all ears (that was perhaps the best pun I’ve ever used). 

            Thank you to anyone who has made it completely through my random thoughts.


14 Responses to “Introvert”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Made it! And you should check out all things jazz 🙂 Haha but seriously I couldn’t tell you of anything new to check out because you’re my go to guy for that kind of thing. But seriously, Miles Davis has a huge-ass array of styles and I think you could get into some.

    Yep, huge-ass.

  2. joelmw Says:

    You’re welcome.

    I can’t imagine any music that I listen to that would be 1) something you don’t already know about and 2) something good that you’d want to listen to or I’d happily make suggestions. I’m content in my musical rut, still listening to some of the same old rock and worship stuff I ever have. Yep, “same as it ever was . . .”

  3. joelmw Says:

    That was inadvertent, by the way, mimicking Courtney’s close. Get out of my head, Courtney; it’s not a safe place for you to be.

  4. janessica Says:

    Everyone knows I’m a little bit musically challenged, so I have no advice on that. I mostly wanted to comment on Courtney’s comment. Huge-ass. You make me proud.

    And I’m getting married on 3-6-9 too. Crazy!

  5. Gabriel Says:

    Married (become 1) on 3-6-9 at 12:15 ??

  6. Claire Says:

    I appreciate your taste in music Mike. I’ve been listening to a bit of Spoon as well lately. I’ve also been listening to Eric Hutchinson and William Fitzsimmons. Congrats to you both on your engagement!!

  7. To expand your boundaries: Yellowman, Mr. Bungle, Robi Draco Rosa.

    To deepen your sense of the roots of what is now: Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home.

    So are you volunteering to help me with this synth/vocoder project. Don’t tempt me, I’m not scared.

  8. Jonathan Says:

    So send me a rough synth/vocoder track and I’ll add to it and we can post it on our blogs.

  9. Courtney Says:

    First, thanks Janess!

    Second, I forgot to mention that my favorite sentence that I think you’ve ever written on your blog is the opening sentence for this one. Especially: “…I do what I do best: layer.”

    Love it.

  10. Courtney Says:

    Go and listen to Priscilla Ahn’s song Dream on You Tube.

    Go, go, go. right now. you must.

  11. Courtney Says:

    That last comment was of the Horvath variety, not the Ramsey variety 🙂

  12. Mike Says:

    whoa, courtney H, totally dig that song. So Cool!

  13. Greg Says:

    Recently i have been listening to the disco biscuits. The new oasis is pretty good but i just got some pop levi that is very interesting. (also i think we should collaborate with jonathan on the synth project.

  14. Josh Tilford Says:

    Mike, haha I love you man .. great thoughts. I was walking through Washington D.C. Dules airport and passed a life-size posterboard of Obama and it caught me by surprised and completely freaked me out! His teeth are overwhelming..

    And you’re getting married = that’s awesome

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