October 31, 2008

Cant get enough of this:

Or This:

Shepherd’s Dog & Creek Drank the Cradle.   Both by Iron and Wine.

What’s spinnin on your hi-fi lately?


6 Responses to “Tunes”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    “Snow Angels” by Over the Rhine

    Haunting and sexy.

  2. Gabriel Says:

    I checked out Iron and Wine. I was trying to rush through the songs to get a feel for them. I couldn’t. I ended up having to turn off the monitor, turn out the lights, and just listen. Good stuff. Even streaming at 64bps.

  3. mnagel Says:

    I’m telling you man, I bought all of this full-length albums last christmas time and haven’t stopped listening since. Amazing.

  4. Josh Tilford Says:

    I listen to Iron and Wine all the time.. Great tunes and so chilled out. I’ve never smoked weed (or anything else) but think they make me feel like I am.. if only I could really know, to be sure.

    Check out Broken Social Scene, and I’ve been diggin Pinback lately. Both are cool, rhythmic groups with a mid 90s flavor.

  5. Josh Tilford Says:

    I think Naked as we Came is one of my favorite Iron and Wine songs..

  6. Gabriel Says:

    I picked up Pinback (Autumn of the Seraphs) and Iron and Wine/Calexico (In the Reins) last night.

    Good stuff! Thanks for the tip.

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