Experiment:Honesty. Part 2

August 25, 2008

The experiment is going pretty good I guess, although sometimes it’s hard to remember I’m doing it.  Little convenient lies have become more ingrained in my interactions than I thought.  Maybe it’s a bit overdramatic to call them “lies”, more like convenient agreements; but whatever.

            So the other day Mrs. Bower is painting Greg’s old room and asks me if I like the color.  I look around, “Yeah, I dig it”. 

“I haven’t started yet” she smiles. 


It’s alright though, it’s a tough process to change habits like this.  The experiment continues.


2 Responses to “Experiment:Honesty. Part 2”

  1. Julia Says:

    The writing style of this post made me laugh. An honest one, not a contrived one.

  2. junivers Says:

    🙂 Great experiment and a great idea – an important one.
    Good Luck – juni

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