May 14, 2008

 I am beginning to re-discover part of myself.  I feel odd saying this, but I’m rediscovering my love for music.  All aspects of music really: making it, listening to it, learning about it, talking about it, hell even legally buying it.  I love it.  The reason I feel odd saying that is because I’ve been doing music consistently for years now; playing in different bands, at church, and with different friends.  I’ve always liked music, but I never realized how much I really really love it.

            I think the rediscovery began around Christmas time with the purchase of used tape recorder off craigslist.  The Tascam 414…sexy.  $100 dollars worth of sexy actually.  It’s got 4 tracks.  Now, for those unfamiliar with music recording I will tell you that 4 tracks is not a lot to work with; especially considering these new fangled “computers”, or whatever they’re called, that have infinite tracks.  You really need to make the most of the least to get a good recording with a 4 track Cassette.

            I don’t think I ever feel more myself than when I’m in my room trying out new ideas on my tape recorder.  Writing songs with an acoustic guitar and trying to make the most of the suffocatingly few tracks I can work with.  There is something in me that comes alive when I can create music. And I play some tracks back and realize, “this is working…this kind of sounds good”, and then I get Janessa to listen and she tells me the drums sound kind of lame.  So I write more, record more, write more, record more.  And I get Janessa to listen again and she smiles and likes it, and I think “I like this, I could do this all the time”


8 Responses to “Musak”

  1. Brett Says:

    Very cool man. Its wonderful when you find something you love. Keep enjoying it 🙂

  2. gbeddingfield Says:

    F O U R tracks? That is cramped. These day’s I’ll use 4 track for 2 guitar parts. 😛

    I dig the value of it, though. Kinda similar — I’ve been using electric guitar for small group worship. It’s not as easy as using an acoustic. It’s really pushed me to try different things to create atmosphere… because grinding through chords doesn’t sound good on electric (though it sounds glorious on acoustic).

    Keep writing, dude! I hope you post more of it.

  3. janessica Says:

    I feel cool…well, I did until I said that. Now I feel awkward.

  4. sph Says:

    Mike, you are 100 dollars worth of sexy.

  5. Mike Says:

    I love you steve

  6. frazyah Says:

    Thanks buddy!

  7. Josh Says:

    “Hell even legally buying it!”

    Hahahahahaha that’s good stuff man..

  8. Josiah Says:

    I didn’t know there was a Mike Nagel blog in the world!$% I need to get out more.

    Self discovery = awesome.

    The formatting of your posts = also awesome.

    The lack of a more current post = crotch kick.

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