Positive Effects of Smoking a Pipe

May 1, 2008

How I started smoking a pipe isn’t really that important, but I can tell you that it was an accident.  Somehow, I came home from the mall one day with a corn-cob pipe and an ounce of “bourbon nutcake” tobacco (still my favorite).  From then on it’s been a slowly developed, carefully refined, and fully enjoyed journey into the world of addictive carcinogens. (Pipe tobacco isn’t actually considered addictive, so don’t panic reader).

            I don’t smoke very often (maybe once or twice a month these days), but every time I do I immediately remember why I love it so much.  Right now is an excellent time for pipe smoking by the way, the nights are cool and the winds are gentle.  It’s taken me almost 3 years, but I’ve gotten to be pretty good at smoking.  It’s not too complicated, but it takes a certain finesse that can only be learned through time and conversations with old men at the tobacco stores.  The real trick is keeping the tobacco lit without burning it; it’s a delicate balancing act and it’s crucial.

            There is something mesmerizing about watching smoke waft away against the night.  It’s almost like meditating, the breath control and the silence.  But what I really love about smoking a pipe is that it forces me to just be quiet for a bit.  Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I pray, but most of the time I just smoke.  I sit and listen to the evening and try to make smoke ships like Gandolf.  If anything is addictive about smoking, it’s the silence.  I never realize how noisy my life is until I can’t hear it anymore.

            My pipe is really cool.  The more it’s smoked the darker the wood gets due to the heat and the oils in my hands.  Also, pipes naturally taste better over time as they build up a layer of carbon and absorb the tobacco flavor into the wood.  And I don’t know how to end this.


7 Responses to “Positive Effects of Smoking a Pipe”

  1. sph Says:

    Wow. Either that is one of the coolest experiences in the world, or you could sell snow to an eskimo. You’ll have to teach me the proper way to smoke a pipe sometime, it sounds amazing. Maybe I’ll buy one if we can work out a road trip to CA SPH

  2. Haha! Bring it to group tonight… I want to see you smoke it 🙂 I think Magg’s would freakin love me smoking a pipe.

  3. Joel Says:

    Dude, I never thought it would be possible for me to want to smoke. Now I’m trying to figure out if you’re evil. 😉 But Gandalf helped you and I know he’s good. Liked your comment over at Gabe’s blog and had to see what else you have to say . . .

  4. gbeddingfield Says:

    Cool! Many moons ago I started smoking a pipe for a little adventure. It was OK. I used to love it when other people would smoke a pipe because it always smelled so nice. But, for me, it was always very dry when I smoked it myself. I didn’t enjoy the smoking, and I couldn’t smell the sweet smell. That’s when I quit.

    On the other hand… cigars stink. Bad. But for the smoker, it’s a very, very pleasant experience. So, from time to time, I still enjoy a nice, thick cigar. (The thick ones are easier to smoke and taste better.) As you smoke the cigar, the tobacco toward your mouth gets nicely flavored and warm. When it gets to the end, it tastes so good that I’ve been known to roach clip a cigar.

  5. janessica Says:

    I’m working on it.

  6. frazyah Says:

    Every guy I’ve ever known who smokes a pipe has said the same thing about it. And yet I have never done so. I shall have to remedy that someday.

  7. Caleb Says:

    Dude! I didn’t know you “sparked it up” (as Josiah calls it). You gotta come over and smoke sometime. I’ve got a sweet dark cherry wood pipe that’s pretty well broken in.

    Oh, and after a long and arduous quitting process, my dad would probably argue very strongly against your “pipe smoking isn’t addictive” statement, btw.

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