“on Promenade”

April 7, 2008

\"on Promenade\"         


            I don’t like country music, but I might be getting dangerously close.  Doug Burr is probably the closest I will get before having to change some info on my myspace page, which I really don’t want to do.  While technically classified as “folk” Doug burr doesn’t like to draw inside the lines, and his latest cd “on Promenade” confirms my metaphor.  He’s admittedly twangy at moments, but Burr stretches his fingers into a wide variety of sounds and emotions that all feel very unpretentious and effortless; like these songs came straight from a tattered spiral bound in his guitar case, or he’s making them up on the spot.

            There is something very vulnerable about songwriters like this.  They do not hide behind vague imagery, catchy lyrics, or Gibson explorers; instead, they sit on stools and sing songs they mean.  They let their beards grow a little too long and play in coffee shops instead of stadiums.  I find that very comforting; I like the thought that I could be friends with the person who’s music I connect with.  There is only so much I can connect with “Sugar, We’re going down swinging”; and all that pop-rock stuff feels so safe to me. The difference between an auto-biography and a romance novel is one is made to sell and the other is made to communicate.  I like being communicated with, I like connecting, I like listening.

            I bet Doug Burr takes a lot of road trips and spends a lot of time barefoot.


One Response to ““on Promenade””

  1. janessica Says:

    I never commented on this post because I didn’t want to be all “his girlfriend comments on every post,” but no one will probably read this now, and I don’t care anymore anyway. (As is probably evident by the fact that I do comment on every post now.) Right, so my point is that when I first read this post, I really liked it. Your writing is beautiful and even though it’s not my favourite kind of music, you make it sound amazing. You should be in advertising, only I’m guessing you would only be good at selling things you love or things you believe in. You know, I’ve heard that there are sites where you can get paid to do music reviews. Maybe you should try that out. Or maybe that was video games…The internet has everything, so I’m sure you could find it somewhere.

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