Dream Instrument

March 7, 2008

We musicians can’t help it sometimes.  It’s not our fault that Guitar Center constantly bombards us with flashy pictures of guitars, basses, and drums in hopes of awakening our deepest instrumental desires.

Maybe it’s from all the pictures I’ve seen of John Lennon Rocking one, maybe it’s the three times i’ve picked one up and heard the chimey britt-pop ring, or maybe it’s the fact that prices aren’t listed in the Guitar center catalogue.  But i cannot help but desire this guitar:


Something about the redburst semi-hollow subtly and softly whispers to me, “I sound good”. 

          Now, it’s not that I’m not happy with my Telecaster.  It’s seen me through my fairshare of shows.  I’ve hit that thing with mallets, dropped it, played cymbals with the headstock.  But hey, a guy can dream can’t he?


5 Responses to “Dream Instrument”

  1. hahaha! I think it may be the lack of price tags 😉 But that guitar is hot!

  2. SPH Says:

    it’s a sweet guitar bro…but I can’t picture it. It’s not dirty enough. I mean would you really crash cymbals with the head stock on that thing? You need a guitar that looks like it was owned by Keith Ricahards or Johnny rotten!

  3. Mike Says:

    Yeah, I feel ya steve. But here’s the thing; I think I’m transitioning from “dirty” rock n’ roll into “sexy” rock n’ roll. Moving from Billy Joe Armstrong into Johnny Greenwood territory if ya know what I’m sayin.

  4. SPH Says:

    “I think I’m transitioning from “dirty” rock n’ roll into “sexy” rock n’ roll.”

    I think I am going to cry.

  5. Josh Says:

    Lennon eh? Mancrushes are powerful things.. But, I think wisdom can be found in them, so u should buy it.

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