January 31, 2008

“A friend of mine, a young pastor who recently started a church, talks to me from time to time about the new face of the church in America –about the postmodern church.  He says the new church will be different from the old one, that we will be relevant to culture and the Human struggle.  I don’t think any church has ever been relevant to culture, to the human struggle, unless it believed in Jesus and the power of His gospel.  If the supposed new church believes in trendy music and cool Web pages, then it’s not relevant to culture either.  It’s just another tool of Satan to get people to be passionate about nothing…”


-Don Miller


One Response to “”

  1. SPH Says:

    I love that quote. It’s a great reminder for me. It’s so easy lose focus, and start spending your energy on the wrong things. Greg B. says he might revive his blog life. If you see him tell him to get it going. Have a good day man. SPH

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